Redefining ship management efficiency

Our flagship TM Master suite employs a modular, configurable, approach to fleet management software that enables ship managers to benefit from a system configured to perfectly fit business needs and enable safe, compliant, and efficient operations.

Modules specific to the planning and performing of ship maintenance, procurement, quality and environmental standards management, and crew management; form the core of the TM Master Suite.

Reduce errors

Clear processes, presented in an intuitive interface, and automations that minimise administration and validate manual data inputs, increase the quality of the information in the system and limit the opportunity for error.

Make smarter decisions

With clear and correct information on how you are performing against your key metrics you, and accurate forecasting, you are empowered to make decisions you can back up with numbers.

Align departments and teams

Increased transparency in your workflows ensures everyone is on the same page. Your teams can see the bigger picture, pool their resources, and can make decisions that benefit the wider organisation.

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