TM Master on the seven seas

Tero Marine has been in the shipping business for 35 years. Our software's proven reliability has made TM Master the preferred fleet management system for some of the world's leading shipping companies. That makes us proud. On this page you will find a few testimonials from our list of clients.


Tidewater owns and manages a range of specialised platform supply vessels. The company operates internationally as well as in the North Sea, and has been a customer of Tero Marine since the beginning of year 2000 when they were called Gulfmark. Gulfmark have later merged with Tidewater and have grown their  fleet of TM Master v2 operated vessels.

"I have nearly 30 years of experience with the IT business, and I am extremely pleased to say that the support department of Tero Marine never fails to impress me with their professionalism, efficiency, and creative troubleshooting skills, not to mention their friendliness and constantly good humour. As support departments go, I, as a customer, couldn’t wish for any better."

ICT Coordinator


Eidesvik is a future oriented and innovative shipping company that operates vessels within supply, seismic and subsea. Tero Marine had a central and advisory role in the process of standardizing Eidesvik’s databases. During the process Eidesvik built good routines for standardisation and has implemented this successfully in the organisation. 

"An innovative maintenance system with built-in tools to standardise the database from ashore, in combination with very good co-operation from Tero Marine, has lifted the quality and maintenance system to a new and improved level of uniformity for the entire fleet."

Maintenance Supervisor
Eidesvik AS

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