TM Master® software suite

Tero Marine has developed fleet management software for the shipping industry for more than three decades. Our flagship, the TM Master suite, has established itself as one of the leading brands in the business. TM Master is today a crucial tool for shipowners all over the world, not only as an instrument for asset management, but also as a business intelligence resource.

More than 2000 TM Master systems have been licensed worldwide, catering to a variety of customers and vessels, from advanced tankers, to workboats, navy vessels and offshore fleets. No matter what part of shipping you belong to – we are certain we can assist you in making your operations smarter.

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Consort Express Lines chooses TM Master from Tero Marine

Norwegian based Tero Marine has been awarded a prestigious contract with Consort Express Lines to supply the complete TM Master suite of applications to their fleet of general cargo vessels as well as 14 harbor tugs from Pacific Towing.

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TM Master User Conference postponed

TM Master User conference 2020 postponed to 2021

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