A wide range of services

A world class software solution is the core of our business. But Tero Marine also provides a range of services that our clients will benefit from. Contact our software development department to discuss how we help you maximize the use of your fleet management system.


Database building & conversion

We have built or converted databases for our customers for more than 35 years, structuring and populating them according to company policy or internationally recognised standards. During conversion, all related information such as history is retained in the TM Master database which is created.

Application service provider

Outsourcing has become a very common mode of handling non-core activities. As an ASP, we provide customers with an alternative to the costly and time consuming process of installing, operating and maintaining an IT solution over numerous servers and computers. We even provide technical support and security for your data and software.

Replication monitoring

Synchronising data between the office and vessels en voyage is one of the main challenges faced by many ship owners. Although TM Master is furnished with a robust and highly reliable replication engine, glitches may occur. Constant service monitoring is the only possible remedy. Tero Marine’s replication monitoring service ensures that your data is updated and consistent throughout your fleet, saving valuable time and cost. The service furthermore reduces the need for error handling and increase reliability and quality.

Health check

Our Health check service provides a regular follow-up and clarification of the status and the well-being of your TM Master system and the database. The service includes a quarterly full-day walk through of the system, testing of the user environment, database review as well as monitoring the overall use and health of the system. All findings are reported in a quarterly status update, along with recommendations for change. We can also trend our findings to perform preventive maintenance, ascertaining that your system functions optimally at all times.

Project management

Tero Marine engineers can help you design your TM Master system, and assist you through the deployment process - ensuring that the system is tailored to your needs. As part of the implementation project, we build the system around your maintenance philosophy and help initiate any change processes needed.


In order to make the most of your TM Master solution, we recommend all users to attend training courses. Our skilled instructors provide training that will increase the efficiency and understanding of TM Master within your company. Learn more about our training programmes at this page.